Carvana Vending Machine: Project to Know 2022

The infamous Carvana Vending Machine was selected in AZ Big Media’s annual PTK publication, which recognizes the People and Projects to Know in commercial real estate. The second one of its kind in Arizona debuted late summer 2022 and has been a huge attraction for West Valley car buyers, even attracting car buyers as far as California to experience the vending machine. Customers are given a coin by Carvana at the Vending Machine once they have selected their car online. They slip the coin into the slot and cue the dramatic effects – sound and lights immediately change to enhance the experience as the car is taken from its stall like a giant plinko game. The doors open and the car slides outside for full inspection by the new car owner. The machine stands 8 stories tall and can hold 32 cars.

See its feature in the magazine here.

Stacey Noble

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