We are enthusiastic about creating remarkable experiences and inspiring 
the growth of our team.

We boldly pursue unconventional opportunities, find unique solutions, and have a drive for success.

  • Casey Cartier
  • President/CEO

Little known fact

I am a failed professional bull rider.

  • Derek Hammond
  • Vice President, Corporate Operations

Fun fact

I wrote a book of poetry called My Revolution.

Employees at Jokake are a team. We work together and everyone is willing to help when needed.
Jokake is an employee owned company and we all contribute to the success of the company.
  • Lisa Husband
  • Director of Marketing

Most unique travel experience


  • John Kramer
  • CFO

Previous Place Lived

Saudi Arabia

  • Dan Dunn
  • General Superintendent

Bucket list

Travel to Nuuk, Greenland to watch the northern lights.

  • Carl Politico
  • General Superintendent

Little Known Fact

I am named after Carl Yastrzemski, the ex-MLB player.

We are relentless for growth.