Jokake Turns 40

Established in 1983 by two brothers looking to make an impact on the Arizona construction industry, 40 years later, Jokake Construction has accomplished just that through quality relationships, quality solutions, and ultimately, quality construction. Jokake looks different than at its inception, but the now employee-owned company operates with similar motives: to ensure clients and employees are treated with respect and given opportunities to grow. Expanding into new market sectors, service offerings, and even corporate services, the company truly is a full-service solution for partners regardless of their stage in the commercial real estate life cycle.

Success for Jokake comes from a number of things – Business Development Director Stacey Noble noting “the exemplary team chemistry;” Project Executive Gonzo Gonzalez mentions “our market specific expertise giving a personalized approach;” and Marketing Director Lisa Husband emphasizes “the value of Casey Cartier’s vision for growth.” Regardless of the exact secret to success, one thing is certain: in Jokake, you have an expert, innovator and problem-solver on your team.

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Stacey Noble

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