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Snell & Wilmer

For over 3 years, Jokake worked alongside Snell & Wilmer doing due diligence, feasibility studies, and budgeting for various spaces and scenarios for their move from the Arizona Center. Originally five floors, Snell & Wilmer’s new office space spans six floors in Downtown Phoenix’s Cityscape. As the largest law firm in Arizona, the signing of the lease in Cityscape was the largest lease signed in Downtown Phoenix during the Covid-19 pandemic, a sign of the commitment to the economy and growth of Arizona despite uncertain times.

The yearlong construction progressed over a phased demolition and construction of the six floors. Tenants remained occupied on various floors making it key to coordinate construction activities to properly align with the move of existing tenants. To that effect, schedule balance has been of the utmost importance to ensure milestones are properly timed to avoid any delays. Design details by the STUDIOS team in New York have been fresh, modern, and creative, a complete shift from their longstanding presence in the Arizona Center. Limiting the look of heavy dark woods typical of law firms, design includes less furniture and more open space, dedicated conference room floors, and floors housing lawyers based on practice versus seniority. Breaking the paradigm of large law firm office space, Snell & Wilmer’s presence in Arizona will continue to be an influence in downtown Phoenix.

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