Project Category: Life Sciences + Biotech

TGen Genomics Research Facility

The 60,000 SF TGen Research Center houses some of the most advanced research laboratories in Arizona. This project was a six-phase, five-floor renovation of their existing operational laboratory facility. Scope included the TGen Center for Rare Childhood Disorders, which harnesses the latest technology for genome sequencing to pinpoint the causes of rare childhood disorders. Construction TGen Genomics Research Facility

Seres Therapeutics

Partnering with Seres Therapeutics and Corgan in pre-construction, our team delivered the West Coast’s flagship clinic in the heart of the Arizona State University campus. Situated on the second floor of a retail center, Seres Therapeutics’ new space required significant mechanical upgrades to accommodate the complex systems for the clean room and clinical space. Seres Seres Therapeutics

Exact Sciences

Partnering with Exact Sciences in their downtown Phoenix campus, our team has provided construction services to upgrade and enhance cleanrooms of various classifications. All projects require strict clean protocols, as well as adherence to CDC guidelines as it pertains to health and wellness to minimize interference with ongoing research and development. Critical work includes shut Exact Sciences