Celebrating Father’s Day With A Purpose

Happy Father’s Day to all you dads out there! This Father’s Day weekend, Jokake wants to shed some light on StreetLightUSA, a non-profit organization that has been a part of the recovery of over 1,300 trafficked girls in Phoenix. One of our own, Director John Parnell, is a StreetLightUSA board member. Below is John’s personal testimony to the men and women who support StreetLightUSA, in honor of Father’s Day.

“As a Father of 3 young girls, one of my most important purposes in life is to take action on a Christ-driven desire to shine light, show love, and encourage each of my daughters so that they know their true identity through the eyes of God. Every girl is God’s child and deserves to know how much they are loved and are worth. Streetlight is privileged to serve girls who have had a challenging phase in their young lives by trying to connect them back to their God-given identity.

Streetlight is blessed to have your support in furthering its mission to shine light, show love, and encourage all of the young girls we serve. I am honored and committed to serve on the Streetlight Board in order to ensure that all resources we receive are maximized in our application. Thank you for all you’ve done and will do to align the lives of every girl we serve with the meaning that God intended for them. May we enjoy this Father’s Day and take a moment to appreciate the love bestowed by our Heavenly Father to us all.”

— John Parnell